Retirement Plan Solutions

Meeting All Your Retirement Plan Needs

Experience counts in the complex field of retirement plans. As one of the largest pension administration firms in the Central Pennsylvania region, our highly diverse client base, with their equally diverse objectives helps us to stay on the leading edge of retirement planning. Retirement Plan Solutions provides clients with access to full retirement planning services for qualified and non-qualified retirement plans.

Retirement Plan Services

Retirement Plan Solutions provides access to services with respect to a wide range of retirement and employee benefit plans. These plans include:

  • 401(k) Plans
  • Profit-sharing Plans
  • Money Purchase Plans
  • 457 Plans
  • Davis-Bacon or Prevailing Wage Plans
  • ESOPs
  • New Comparability Plans
  • Defined Benefit Plans
  • 412(i) Plans
  • Non-qualified Plans

Third-party Administrative Services

Plan sponsors are increasingly aware of the importance of, and the problems associated with, benefit plan administration. Plan sponsors, employees and regulatory agencies all have an interest in how these complex programs are administered.

Retirement Plan Solutions' objective is to effectively provide our clients with third-party plan administrative services and to relieve them of as many potential problems as possible. Our approach during the first phase of our relationship with a client is to jointly review the entire administrative process, both the functions to be performed internally and those to be assumed by Retirement Plan Solutions. This comprehensive review includes:

  • The plan's provisions from an administrative perspective
  • Current and proposed administrative procedures
  • Establishment of information requirements and an administrative calendar
  • Analysis of any historic problems experienced by the client and development of solutions to these problems

Administrative procedures differ from company to company and plan to plan. Our staff and systems have extensive capabilities to accommodate and support virtually any plan requirements.

Retirement Plan Solutions third-party administrative services stress compliance with all tax and labor law requirements. Our services include all necessary compliance testing as well as the preparation of annual Form 5500.

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